Monday, 21 July 2008

HFC Touch

Hear my exasperated sighing - with a month to go on the warranty the case has cracked a bit (yes I have dropped it but not that badly) and the general level of connection is dropping. By this I mean that following a call, a text or internet connection the software seems to go into meltdown and only by soft re-setting the thing - possibly upto several times will it return to function.

As my only phone contact this is increasingly annoying. Since it went bandy in march its had a new motherboard; and oddly was downgraded to 5.2 mobile windows. Yes it definitely had MW6 when I got it, I remember boasting about this to a freind! So back it goes and in its place I shall be trying a Treo 680! Want to hear about that? Watch this space.

Three (part 3)

Well I am two weeks into living with my Three Mobile broadband dongle. And all I get at my home location are dial up speeds - or less. This means that Skype and GTalk are intermittantly interupted - and that includes stopping altogether. Playing World of Warcraft occasionally leaves me with up to 6 seconds of lag (and that is the difference between life or death for not just me but the toons I might heal!) So my view is when it works it works fine; I will never get the bandwidth to use 15GB a month, as I have yet to pay a bill, its free usage BUT when I am out and about, especially in the City vs just being in Inner London I get better connection. Its a long way from perfect but it will do for now!

Bluetooth tracking devices (sic)

I cam across this article in the Guardian on-line version.
And noted the software is available in SL - can you track an avatar by bluetooth???? I am impressed - does that put the Big Pond sim in Australia, Dresden Art Galery in Germany and Knightsbridge in London - cos Hypatia must have clocked up a few million miles - and can I have those airmiles for Hypatia's avatar (the Keyboard Godess) who would like to go to Melbourne!

On a more serious note and having listened to Steve Gibson on Security Now (A TwIT podcast - have they thought about renaming that acronym) the tracking of not just your person but your internet behaviours, personal location and the views you express (Hey! I blog, therefore I am fair game) are very much up for grabs by the sneakyist technologist. Be very aware Big Brother is not just watching, but listening and reading - though what he may deduce from all this information is..... I imagine steam will come out his ears and his head blow off actually.