Monday, 22 March 2010

Having a Gaytime

Shot of a Golden gaytime icecream boxImage via Wikipedia

Weirdly this is Australian for having an ice cream - no euphemism intended...... Yes there is an Ice cream called a Gaytime - and they are quite yummy.
But how can they get away with it you ask....

Well I dunno but it just goes to prove - Australia, a day ahead and stuck in the 1970's!
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Australiania (or something like that)

A pair of "Havaianas" thongsImage via Wikipedia

So some Australian things to baffle and confuse....

Everyone (mostly) says thank you to the bus driver when you get off..... this positively never happens in England (though it might in rural Wales/Scotland)

I have English feet and they are geared up for Birkenstocks not flip flops (thongs) so its too bad but $1 thongs from Woolworths will never be my footwear of choice.....

Sausage Sizzles - the little brother of the BBQ, a loaf of bread a hot sausage and a selection of condiments.... and there you have the perfect fundraiser - people will wander over and ask how much and pay you for a daggy sausage on a piece of white bread - Terrific!
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