Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Careers Expo

At Caulfield today - loads of talking to careers officers about what their little darlings can get up to when it's time to get a proper job.

Monday, 19 July 2010

Woot - blogging from iPhone

Hmmm well this will test the tichy keypad on the iphone

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Its been a while - again

And I am being pressed to produce a new post. So here it is.....

Was pleased to spend a mid-week break at Phillip Island and get round the 4 parks/reserves there. Churchill Island (a historic farm), the Koala Reserve and Nobbies (for sealions) and to attend the Penguin Parade. But on the home we got to visit a rather sad and past its best wildlife park (and cowshed - but more of that later) and see the paddock of Roos (the smaller greys) but best of all you could feed them (makes a change from them feeding me with roast roo and kanga bolognaise). So they get a bit excited when the tourists turn up with noms, specially on a Wednesday when they have not seen anyone since Sunday.

Cows - and on the way home we stopped at the Caldwell Farm to see the merry-go-round milking facility. Poor cows indeed.

Alchohol & Bikes
Also had a weekend in Rutherglen - a famous wine region. Sadly I was forced onto a bike and made to cycle kilometers before being offered my first drink.... Thats not true - we stopped at Brown Brothers on the way up... had a fabulous lunch and tasting, plus a glass with my meal.... and drinks at the accomodation that evening. Anyway after easing my well padded but sore bum off the bike we flitted from winery to winery, sipping many Tokays and Muscats. all very yummy and finally made Campbells for lunch. Another stupendous banquet accompanied by a very nice Merlot (one I could drink a very great deal of!) then back on the bike to get to .... well... somewhere. Just getting on the bike seriously put me off..... eventually the day ended with a great but chilly BBQ at the motel (it looked like Scott of the Antarctic and his team) and a impromptue concert by Rick and Rob! Sunday was much more gentile with car rides to the various wineries.... and a swift trip home.