Friday, 8 August 2008

Three mobile Dongle saga pt3

Time to pay the bill - well 3 have billed me for the undelivered and unused net ordered dongle for 2 months (a suitable call was placed to their 'help' line) and I am about to pay for the !5gb deal one I bought in a Three shop. well I managed to use 7GB in the month so I must have got reasonable download speeds - its been fine for email, podcasts and grabbing Youtube videos; its just been the games and VOIP that need a constant exchange of info that have let it down.

So the next test will be a new game - Guildwars here I come!

BTW - I am now using Bloggers spellchecker!


Well the end of another week at work - time for a little R&R so its a mega session of World of Warcraft Saturday - with breaks for food and shoe shopping. Then Sunday a walk round Holland Park and Fredrick Leighton's house. That's a fairly mixed bag of activities (along with that dreaded task - housework). I always think if I can do boring stuff at the weekend by Sunday night I can look back and think I have had my full 48 hours off.... but then there is nothing to talk about Monday morning. Whereas if I have a full and exciting weekend (yes I can bore for my country on WoW!) it actually seems to have rushed by. So there must be a scientific explanation for this - perhaps to do with the speed of light, sound and black holes. Or its just our human perception of time. Anyway the point is I have a planned and busy weekend (and I have to fit in my SO too ;-)) and I am really looking forward to it!

Monday, 4 August 2008

Fashion in first and second lives

You know I often wondered about the benefits of spending Lindens on clothes in SL - a physical pound here and there. But its starting to show through in my first (or if you prefer 'real') life.

I Found myself looking at the shoes in Marks and Spencers, in Primark etc and asking where are the 'funky' shoes - the fushia and green ones I can get in SL. The ones I suddenly feel brave enough to wear. I know I now have more dresses in my wardrobe than ever before. That I swing out when I walk down the street in a smart outfit.. that the fitted skirt I bought makes me feel feminine and businesslike at the same time.

So here's a shout for SL - it really can improve your first life/real world attitude and confidence. I may still need Trinny, Suzanna and Gok for a few ideas - but I can see if I like em in my SL before I rush out and spend 'real' cash amounts on them.

And a note to shops everywhere - fashion is all well and good - but a nice pile of staple heels and skirt shapes is soooo much better!