Friday, 26 September 2008

General Stuff

Lots of things going on it the world - Chrome and iTunes updates, Wrath of the Lynch King for WoW is in Beta and Mr BRK (that man is God) is doing an excellent podcast on the changes we will see (note to self - put BRK blog in list opposite also Steve Gibson). Chrome is definitely a Beta let loose on the world too soon - and I think it will suffer for that. I like Google's tools, I am hoping to one day have an Android phone (GAB to review that sentence for sense!). But they still need to be careful - its the techies that will push web-based apps with the plebs; screw us over and we will pull faces when asked our opinion of Chrome!

iTunes 'Genius' (modest Mr Jobs does it again) hmmm well certainly seems to create some random play lists for you - annoyingly suggests loads of tracks you are missing from iTunes store. Well its throwing up some oldies from my back catalogue - and some rubbish I can delete forever!

And i would like to say a big TY to Skype

Friday, 5 September 2008

The Dongle - for now

Well after a few teething problems - including realising that my home is in a mobile black spot; or rather that one end of it is and best place to log-on from is by the french windows - I am resigned to the Dongle. It seems perfectly reasonable for playing World of Warcraft and the log issues I occasionaly get convince me that 4-6 hours on-line is enough. It works pretty well for VOIP and mostly OK for video calls. Podcasts can be slow but happen. So now I am fully mobile - or I would be if I had any battery life at all in my laptop - I will always need a power outlet. Grrrrrr - and in the UK solar is not viable!!!