Monday, 27 April 2009

Music - The Spooky Men's Choral

Worth a look if you don;t want to hear a traditional male voice choir and playing loads of gigs in theUK July to September.... if nothing else try building your own SpookyMan!

Monday, 20 April 2009

Overweight Luggage

As expected my luggage was over the allowance. Since my case alone weighed 5kg - once i pulled out the £1 nylon laundry bag that everything was 'second packed' in, I was actually under. Grrr that they wanted to charge £60 for an additional 3kg that was all case not real luggage.

Anyway everything arrived safe in that nylon thing so I am chuffed!

Thursday, 16 April 2009

My life in crates

Well here goes. Departing for Melbourne today. Meanwhile - most of what I am or hope to be is in 8 crates - consigned to Maersk (the shipping line that keep being pirated off Somalia - agghhhh)

Odd to pack up stuff like this- yes I have lots a of books (too many), CDs and DVDs, too many clothes too perhaps. Watching Gok do his capsule wardrobe of 24 things(yes i think TV programmes are a valid technology medium - video-lectures, TV programmes etc all inform our lives and choice making values) left me feeling over-clothed. Or rather as someone with too big a wardrobe.... See here

Anyway since I will be living out of a rather large suitcase for the next8 weeks or so; watch this space for tips!!!!

Of course - my bow and arrows are also packed - as well as the essential technology; or at least the bits I have not broken in the last 5 weeks (double grrrrr on that).

And I cried as I went through departures - perhaps thats what madethem search my bag - or the fact it was overloaded with a million techie wired things!!

Monday, 6 April 2009

Baroque - V&A London

Well a much better exhibition by the V&A than Tzar one. Educational, truly magnificent and well presented. From the iPod touch used for the audio tour (still an additional cost of £3.95!) to the opening item that explains how the style got its name. Well done!

So Baroque is names after a mis-shapen pearl - andits a well named style- from Rubens women to the flowing acanthus leaf decorations, the rounded organic shapes and intricate music abound. Any art form seems to have adopted the sumptuous forms of Baroque and this large and well planned exhibition show off the objects, their spread across both the western and eastern worlds and the variety of materials used.

Finally V&A a truly magnificent exhibition.

4 April - 19 July 2009
Exhibitions, Rooms 38, 39 and North Court
£11 Adults, £ 9 Seniors, £ 6 Students, 12-17 yrs, ES40 Holders