Thursday, 16 April 2009

My life in crates

Well here goes. Departing for Melbourne today. Meanwhile - most of what I am or hope to be is in 8 crates - consigned to Maersk (the shipping line that keep being pirated off Somalia - agghhhh)

Odd to pack up stuff like this- yes I have lots a of books (too many), CDs and DVDs, too many clothes too perhaps. Watching Gok do his capsule wardrobe of 24 things(yes i think TV programmes are a valid technology medium - video-lectures, TV programmes etc all inform our lives and choice making values) left me feeling over-clothed. Or rather as someone with too big a wardrobe.... See here

Anyway since I will be living out of a rather large suitcase for the next8 weeks or so; watch this space for tips!!!!

Of course - my bow and arrows are also packed - as well as the essential technology; or at least the bits I have not broken in the last 5 weeks (double grrrrr on that).

And I cried as I went through departures - perhaps thats what madethem search my bag - or the fact it was overloaded with a million techie wired things!!

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