Monday, 6 April 2009

Baroque - V&A London

Well a much better exhibition by the V&A than Tzar one. Educational, truly magnificent and well presented. From the iPod touch used for the audio tour (still an additional cost of £3.95!) to the opening item that explains how the style got its name. Well done!

So Baroque is names after a mis-shapen pearl - andits a well named style- from Rubens women to the flowing acanthus leaf decorations, the rounded organic shapes and intricate music abound. Any art form seems to have adopted the sumptuous forms of Baroque and this large and well planned exhibition show off the objects, their spread across both the western and eastern worlds and the variety of materials used.

Finally V&A a truly magnificent exhibition.

4 April - 19 July 2009
Exhibitions, Rooms 38, 39 and North Court
£11 Adults, £ 9 Seniors, £ 6 Students, 12-17 yrs, ES40 Holders

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