Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Female Fashion in SL

Well after your initial few weeks in SL and collecing Freebies, try out oX DOS HUD 0.850 for finding prize chairs.... justget the HUD from the dispenser there. Its time to branch out to better than 'what you can make yourself' fashion. (And I highly recommend the classes at TUi and NCI in Avartar makeovers) - so get along to....



UK Couture

sf Designs



And for acessories
Shiny Things - Shoes and Jewellry

Gurl 6Hair, and other stuff

Take plenty of lindens and enjoy.... most of these places have free gifts or clearance items.


Coming next AO's and Skins!


Shiraz99 said...

Thankyou for the good "heads up" Hypatia. We are so in need of a place where someone can recommend good shopping places

CabSav Lane said...

CabSav Lane: Hypatia Voom in SecondLife