Tuesday, 7 July 2009

I-mate ultimate 8502

well there you go, if its my prejudice against windows mobile, or if MS still have not made a robust mobile OS... I still find I cannot get on with a WinMob smartphone.

Oh the phone is not bad per se. The screen is excellent, perhaps the unit is a bit overburdened with buttons... to make use of it as a decent type emails machine. Certainly it comes with ms mobile word, excel and powerpoint. It allegedly connects to your tv... Wow and with such a timy memory too.... but its matt black finish is too me a little dull, I do not want to buy 16 software solutions to MS's shortcomings in terms of media player, menu customisation etc. And overall its overpriced!

but its main issues are: only takes 2gb expansion, runs WinMob and (sigh) I really want a E61, or for the same price could get a E71!

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