Monday, 24 August 2009

A day in Pompeii - Melbourne Museum

Detail of a mosaic found in Pompeii. The figur...Image via Wikipedia

Very well laid out exhibition - interesting objects well linked together and to life in the Roman Empire; perhaps a bit more context about the Emperors and politics of the day. The Exhibition is accompanied by a series of lectures. Avoid times when a/ small children are taken and b/ School parties are there. There are a couple of screens showing interactive CD's - but if you want a go you may have to queue.

As usual its the body casts are particularly evocative and they are well 'displayed' with decorum. A bit more information on how the casts were discovered and made might help the casual browser on the day.

The shop was pretty tacky however, with a few roman inspired bracelets inc Roman & Greek coins, and a catalog - but very few 'Roman' items.

Til October 09

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