Sunday, 13 September 2009

An Education - Movie (Smells like Teen History)

I have a love hate thing with the Sixties - I was born slap in the middle; but I really hate all those aging hippsters who say it was the greatest decade..... Jez get a life and move on..... but this is a movie firmly set in 1962, the London Suburbs too.... so It has all the promise of London in the 1960's and all the hard lessons of post war 1950's Britain to. Look for signs of Beatniks, early feminism, changes in British Education and the elements of Olde England meeting post war Britain - including asides to immigration etc.

So a great movie about coming of age - lots of laughter and pathos and a very good cast. And a very probing question from the central character - what is the purpose of education, both School and University... Does the School of Life have more to teach us?

Sadly I could not get over how much Peter Sarsgaard looked like a young William Shatner.... (apparantly Orlando Bloom was originally cast in the part) or how very adult the young Jenny, played by Carey Mulligan was.

On general relaese from 9 October 2009

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