Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Mobile Broadband

Well I am about to test out the Three offering - as i move into new accomodation without a landline connection. So having researched, and since I have a Three contract phone and get my 7gb half price at £12.50 a month..... here I go. Watch this space for more info but in the meantime...... click here for more information from the Guardian blog pages.


Shiraz99 said...

Aww, exciting, but as the link to the says "most mobile broadband providers should offer to check whether you will get a good connection in your postcode area, and you should also be able to return the dongle and get a refund if the connection does not work."

Make sure that you get them to commit to that deal !!

Good luck and let us all know how it goes!!

Hypatia Voom said...

Grrrrr after all the fuss of trying to get this small Gizmo posted to me it had better perform damn well. One week on and I am still waiting on delivery