Thursday, 12 June 2008

SOAPBOX - On Asperational lifestyles

Soapboxes will be an occasional series of rants!

In SL and MMRORPG - they are fine - cos at the end of the day you are (hopefully) only spending pennies - or less than 50 quid a month. But in RL or FL(first life) as some now choose to call it - ditch your credit cards! Labels are nothing if you look like Edwina from Ab Fab in it!

So what do I mean by an aspirational lifestyle - its all the right hair, the right tie and the right address! And that seems true for social websites too. SO its safe to play with a huge house, stable of horses, flashy cars and extreme sports - perhaps that’s why gaming is so popular - we all get to be James Bond or Lara Croft. But at the end of the day remember reality - or at least the you who works and socialises is not your avatar; be it elf or neko, marine or just SL fashion model; Game responsibly folks.

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