Friday, 6 March 2009


Since my laptop imploded and my joy with 'blinkenlight' and pokenfinger und mittengrabbed has paled. I have been looking at getting a netbook as a replacement. The reasons are manyfold - not only that I like a small machine that works with a girly bag!
  • I am not so enamoured of Vista that I could not retreat back to XP....
  • Using Linux - but unsure as to its support of my phone syncing etc.
  • That my PC is generally a link to mail and skype and connections rather than a gaming machine
  • Will I get WOW on it - do I care??
So - gonna get myself a Advent 4213 Netbook - 1Gb RAM, 160Gb HD running XP - the sim card from the dongle goes directly into the machine, its got wireless (my library is a free hotspot - HGIT!) - Having grabed most of my fav software for the crappy lappy I am ready to install and prune Windows as I want it.

And TBH - the joy of a new machine; shiney and with a pristine HD....

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