Monday, 18 May 2009


Or Aussie Rules.... which is actually Victoria (State) rules.... as NSW follow the rugby - which they call footy.... and you think that's complicated; wait til you try following a game that has more in common with netball (OK basketball) with some judo thrown in. Or Aussie Rules.... which is actually Victoria (state) rules...... as NSW like Rugby!and call it footy too! My favorite bit is still the fumbles when it looks like two teams in a cat chasing competition though.

So I won't go into the rules.... there are other sites for that (try AFL). Just to say that I now barrack (that's Aussie for 'cheer on/or support' St Kilda... who are not only unbeaten this season but now top of the - needless to say - quite short league.

Which brings me to my main point - there are 16 teams in the league..... all but 6 teams are in Victoria and actually are Melbourne suburbs/teams....well they ALL are but some have been banished to Sydney, Adelaide and Freemantle... to make it Aussie vs Victorian Football League. Odd they could not send a team to Darwin.....

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