Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Star Trek - Beginnings; no spoilers!

well as a trekker... Yes I have seen TOS, TNG, VOY, DS9 and ENT, even been to the convention in LV. I know the characters and the actors. Some I love and some you learn to despise a bit (Robert Beltran bites the hand that feeds him!).

so I think I am qualified to comment on the movie... Young star trek. We have Kirks youth here, and Spocks - which has previously been covered in many of the books about the series (Spocks World etc). so here we get it all acted out for us. We know Kirk and Spock, we know how they should react in situations, of course in their youth that would be different.... Or would it?

so here we are, Kirk, Spock, Scotty, Uhura and Bones and someone in a red shirt (Yes that old chestnut was given the nod too!) all good strong characters.... McCoy is brilliantly realised by Karl Urban, Spook is surprisingly well played by Zachary Quinto (I did not like the guy in 'Heros'. But Kirk was something of a disappointment, good acting but not enough of a young William Shatner to be convincing!!

next - the ship - Enterprise,in the series of the same name, was dark - like a submarine interior..... (BTW was a show This ship has the coloring of the original series though with a lot more pipes and struts onshow - large cargo holds not corridors.... sigh and the uniforms... oh yes exactly as the originals would recall - Uhura in a short frock and the Boys all in tight black pants.

Taken out of the series, movies and books 'historical' context what are we left with? A ripping good story though one sadly heavy on special effects but will that be to encourage a new generation of fans? Or a sop to us oldies who loved TOS and lived through Janaway and Major Kira and all the other strong characters and motivational stories that ST has given us.

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