Sunday, 18 October 2009

A different View

For Second Life that is.....

Well first - Hungry Beast had a section about Second Lives featuring Gary H, based on finding work in SL. Good luck with that one - if only a Linden were worth a Dollar! erm well perhaps not as I would be poor in SL too.

And the good news is there is a new viewer (well new to me) out there. The Emerald viewer for SL. It has boob movement for the boys and an intergral AO for us techies - which means a free HUD slot (woot!). So far so good. My fav addition so far is the 'TP to this location' button on the start-up screen though. How many times has a great looking location flicked up on that log in page and I wonder 'where's that; I would love to visit' - well now I can! TY Emerald.
Emerald Viewer

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