Sunday, 18 October 2009

Laptops, Netbooks and iPods

Well its been a bit of time but here's my tech update
  1. the iPod is working again - and I love having all that music and video and audiobooks at my control again. 'Fraid the phone (yes the imate 8502) is not up to the job of being more than the most basic Nano.... so 60GB of stuff to keep me occupied on the bus!
  2. the laptop - last heard of in March is definitely defunct in the video card department and too expensive to repair - so the drive is doing duty as a backup device and the rest - well is available for spares somewhere!
  3. Netbook - my faithful Advent is doing very well thank you as main PC, linked to a mouse, keyboard and LCD monitor its a slow but steady workhorse for SL, WOW, all my web and wordprocessing needs - I love it dearly!
  4. Phone - that damn imate - its a tough wee thing - and pretty good for the basics; camera = OK, docs and email handling = exceelent actually, games = fab, Video = yeahhh if I find a small enough file; it even deals with the Audiable software pretty well; but its got such a tiny memory 2GB just won't cut it anymore!

I would still like to give the Touch a go - lol or better yet an iPhone. Que sera sera!

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