Sunday, 24 January 2010

iPhone - I haz one

woot and lol - got my iPhone at last and not really seeing a downside (erm maybe the lack of character counter on the SMS - think theres an app for that too) - so far the OS is much much much more stable than Win Mobile, screen is great for games and video watching, 32gb memory means I have all my music all the time, phone, ebook readers (stanza for make em yourselfs! and eReader for everything else) a great selection of games, apps for all sorts of Hypatia habits.... more apps to be grabbed for fav contacts management and I really need to separate my contacts from my password keeper!

So far so much the perfect PDA - even getting the hang of writing/typing short stories - hmmm Docs to go is prolly a necessity.. as is more data allowance - lets see how the first bill goes.

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