Friday, 31 October 2008

Birth of an avatar

So like a real birth Hypatia Voom came into existence before the sentience that she now is met her. Does that make sense? the child existed but in a womb... developed by someone else. I was given the avatar by a friend, names and dressed. Oh I developed her look, changed her style. But the personality the name suggests was not my idea - I have sort of grown into it.

Compare this with Ahelmil - my WoW tooon - I picked her look and her name, her career and her race. Oh I can change all that in Second Life as I cannot in World of Warcraft.... but. Well perhaps both avatars personalities are expressed by what they say rather than looks. Odd to compare the two of them; one ultimately changeable , the other quite static. Perhaps its more a case of Ahelmil is my child - I created her and taught her (and remain the keyboard goddess that plays her) but her look is developed by the game. Hypatia was born; and then my personality and style developed her. Which is most me?

Perhaps I invite comments. Nah lets keep this between you and me!

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