Thursday, 2 October 2008

Less Tech (Unless you are interested in Walls)

So I have been visiting the British Museum to attend a series of lectures around the Hadrian exhibition. And last week I actually got to the exhibition itself. Well as with all things you can't please all of the people all of the time.

Well first of all tickets are £12 - that's a bit steep for a few statues and some bits and bobs from the BM's basement (roman house keys and pots etc). The Diorama of Hadrian's extensive villa was great and could have been better utilised. Reliance on sources such as Cassio Dio and the Historia Augustus continuance is a little slanted (as all roman history is!) and reading inscriptions and translations of medieval copies of Cassio and the Res.

Worse the audio tour was an extra £3.50 (why could they not include it in the cost of the ticket) and was really quite awful. No additional information - actually often just reading the 'interpretive display boards. A necessity because most people crowded round the display cases trying to get their monies worth. Sorry BM - not your best effort!

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