Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Medical Tech

A fun day at the hospital - bloodtest, MRI and full range of optical tests. Amazing how its a mix of high and low tech. MRI machine is like the warp engine in Star Trek..... and sounds like a short album from Kraftwerk. Lots of rhythmic banging and clicks going on around your little tin coffin. Tests for my eyes are both Windows controlled (how frightening is that) and high tech; or a nurse with a funny plastic spyglass......

And then - Gods help me - WoW patch of 1.something GB..... surely they know that my 3G usb modem cannot deal with GB of downloads - I get enough lag and latency just playing (specially from home vs a nice comfy Starbucks somewhere).

And then updating Twitter - well I might get it working and i might start posting again - blimey 500 days or more since I set up that account!!

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