Monday, 24 November 2008

Byzantium Exhibition - RA

well apart from the difference between object 'dart and artifact.... which made putting the exhibition in a historical perspective difficult (the timeline could have been more expressive - like comparing Kings or political groupings in Europe! Liutprand, Bishop of Cremona visited the Byzantium court - but why, who sent him!) the wide range of paintings, mosaic (none of the mosaics from Constantinople/Byzantium/Haga Sofia were represented in any way - all were looted pieces from non-Turkish museums) were excellent.

But still the presentation needed to be better arranged - labels on items should have been high on the display case so people at the back of the crowd could see it. And it is a busy exhibition, lots of people hanging around.

Which brings me to two other points: annoying people who go 'because they should' not because they want to - do they understand what they are seeing (and sometimes I wonder if the curators understand what they are showing) and what young children get from such exhibitions.

And finally another gripe - if you pay £8 or £12 for a ticket - would it be too much to include the audio tour in the cost (I have moaned about this before) because that may contain all the information I am seeking about historical perspective, development of artistic style etc.

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