Friday, 21 November 2008


Though I would post a few thoughts. Firstly the graphics seem richer, trees are more treelike, the leaves and bark better represented. The fire animation (look out for forests on fire) has improved too. All those little vignettes are there - the endless viking invasion.... lava flows and geysers.

Whilst the new continent is overly full at the moment (feels like a golf course, everyone at the first 3 tees!) and sometimes the respawn rates are lethal - it should settle down....

Dalaran is lovely - light and bright; the shops are a delight; the sewers fun....

Got the flightpaths mapped for Northend - tried out the new pets - worm, rhino etc. Overall I like it, Love the Walrus people (check out their fishing buff - get the elixir, change to Walrus and fish!) already had murloc costume, orc costume quests... and btw for a pet baby murloc i would sell my granny - anyone in the market for a dead granny??

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