Wednesday, 26 November 2008

iPhones - complaint upheld

Recent adds here have been pulled for being untruthful about iPhone performance - one would therefore expect all Ads to be pulled leaving one free to put the kettle on and get a snack during the break in a TV programme without fear of missing the latest amazing gadget from KTel….. Or indeed to run a 30 minute or 1 hour programme through without a break….. But since episodes are generally 45 mins or 20 mins that would leave the schedule slightly light.

As usual the vitriol expressed by commentators is out of all proportion - what is it about commentators that they have to have a side rather than just express their view - I am a Mac addict/I hate Steve Jobs.

I have an ipod (quite an old one now) and use iTunes for simplicities sake - no major complaints; but I am aware that moving to a Mac pc would necessitate all sorts of conversion problems and is therefore unfeasible. Therefore the Mac vs PC wars will continue.

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