Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Cute vs serious news

Anyone watching the recent bushfires in the Australian state of Victoria cannot help but be affected by the terrible loss of life and lives (houses, businesses etc) and today we hear of the first firefighter to die. But we all know that most people will shrug and get on with their own concerns. But the more acceptable face of all this tragedy:

'A koala bear has become an internet sensation after an Australian firefighter stopped to share a bottle of water with the stricken animal, burnt by the Victorian Bush Fire. Photographs of the scene were broadcast around the world by most news agencies. Sam, as the koala has been named, even has her own account on Facebook now where people can sign up to become her friend.'

Sam has raised awareness of this tragedy as no other picture could. Strange world huh!

If you would like to help - go here:

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