Wednesday, 11 February 2009


With Amazon releasing a newer Kindle in the US - will eBooks kill off paper?

Probably not - although I read books on my Palm Treo 680 - both in eReader and Mobipocket form (in fact Mobipocket do a converter for txt and html files - so anything available on the web can be converted to an ebook!) I love being able to carry a reference library in my pocket, perhaps search is not as good as an index but at a pinch its fine. I like having 15 novels available from Austen to Conan Doyle to the latest Harlequin romance if I feel like it - not the one kilo tome I thought I might dip into.

But ultimately I want reference books and my favourite novels in paper format - graphs and pictures are never the same on electronic devices; notations in margins and post its will take some replacing..... it might be easier to cut and past your quote from an electronic document - but there is something about flipping pages for that elusive paragraph; re-reading your favourite scene; reading in the bath!

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