Friday, 13 February 2009

TREO 680

Time to give some feedback on the Treo - which replaced my HTC 'delicate' (a great little machine but not for being kept in a handbag!). As usual I wanted a do everything PDA with phone capabilities. Since the Treo has a similar sized screen to the ipod - its fine for photos and videos.... I have a 6gb transflach card so memory is not a problem. Also it has a reasonable music player, comes with Audiable mobile and eReader. I have lots of books in MobiPocket format and the Treo runs both readers well. Web access is good and with a Java virtual machine runs Google maps.

However, its taken me months to get Versamail (the included email app) to work adequately with Gmail. The one drawback of a Treo being that Google does not support the Palm OS.

Now if Only I could play WoW on it I could replace my dodgey laptop!

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